How does the ItemPassport system protect against forgery?


A manufacturer includes unique codes for each item of his product. The buyer is able to verify the authenticity of that product item on our website

  • If the unique protection code combination is registered at our website the customer receives a response at his screen with the name, picture and description of the purchased real goods.
  • If the code does not exist the buyer gets a message that he has to check the by him written security code. When he filled it out right, he can supply with the details what and where he bought the product. He also may leave his contact details.

The ItemPassport system gives the buyer a mechanism by which he can verify the authenticity of products and manufacturers. ItemPassport is a tool for monitoring and warning consumers about counterfeit products on the market and leaving them on the shelves.


The ItemPassport system

We developed the system intended primarily for manufacturers as its own system of protection against illegal copying their Trade Marketed/Copy Right products. The main task of the system is the identification and detection of counterfeit products and provide buyers to use real and safe products. ItemPassport provides law enforcement authorities to easy recognize counterfeits and gives the buyer an opportunity to verify the authenticity of any product in real time, which increases consumer confidence in the brands of producers.

Manufacturers usually protect their products in a passive way for which the consumer rarely has any attention. With our new technology, real products are virtually different from counterfeits. The system allows that law enforcement authorities and consumers can easily verify the authenticity of the product before and after purchase. In the fact of falsifications, the buyer will receive a warning about a fake and leaves it on the shelf of a shop.


What opportunities does the buyer have?

  1. He has the ability to authenticate purchases if they are real or not.
  2. He receives an additional warranty the purchased product is not a forgery.
  3. Has confidence about the liability of the products and manufacturer.
  4. He receives more information about the manufacturer and the purchased product.


What opportunities does the manufacturer have?

  1. Highest degree of protection against counterfeiting of his Trade Mark and product.
  2. Reduce costs for fighting counterfeiting.
  3. Reduce costs of lawsuits and payments to consumers who bought copies of his product.
  4. The use of ItemPassport provides an additional competitive advantage.
  5. He can warn and inform his customer about counterfeits of his products.
  6. Extra marketing opportunities to his customer.
  7. Receive feedback from the buyer, what is valuable for his marketing.
  8. He has the possibility of contacting his customers including target advertising.
  9. The use of our website as a tool for the protection and promotion of goods on the international market.
  10. Receive information on the regions of consumption of specific products.
  11. Receive information about suspicious inquiries of his unique product protection code.
  12. Provide law enforcement  authorities a tool to help them recognize and tackle piracy on his products.
  13. The possibility of instantaneous authenticity control checks of products in retail (especially important for manufacturers of medical products).
  14. The flexibility of Inc that allows each manufacturer to create personal security and the prevention of fraud, depending on the specific product.